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irish propane home heating Propane Beats the Competition

It costs less to heat with Propane than electricity. Propane furnaces have a longer life span than electric heat pumps.

Unlike fuel oil, Propane is non-toxic and does not threaten the water table. It is exempt from EPA regulations for storage above and below ground.

Propane is clean burning. Both fuel oil and electricity produce more greenhouse gases and pollutants than propane. Most of the propane consumed in the U.S. is obtained from North American sources. This is not true of competitive fuels. Heating with propane actually helps promote U.S. energy independence.

Propane can be used to operate cooking appliances and clothes dryers. Fuel oil cannot.

Budget Billing is offered to Irish customers who prefer to spread the cost of their homes over a 12-month period. Our Auto-Refill Program will track your propane usage and schedule your deliveries.